Damn. I am really down today. Trying to keep busy. I did the kitchen then ran out of steam. I still have to do the dishes. Have to do them by hand since the dishwasher is broken. The pump went on it. I guess we need a new one. That will have to wait as all our money is currently going into the house in North Carolina.

4 hours more until I say goodbye to my wife and go to work. I wish I was off to see her off. But wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills first. Wishes are like assholes. Everyone has one...

I have to go over to help my daughter move. I am not looking forward to it. Today I barely feel like moving. It is all I can do to function. I have to keep forcing myself to move. Tomorrow will be worse and Wednesday and Thursday will be worse still since I will be off. I feel like calling off for work but I cannot do that. It would let my wife know just how bad I feel. I can't let her know that. Not right before she leaves.

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