April 11, 2016

It is another good day. No depression to speak of. No beast. No panic attacks. No headache. I slept well.

It is already warm out. A beautiful day it is supposed to be. High of 84 degF with lots of sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky and only a very slight breeze.

We will go visit her mother today. This week is the anniversary of her death. It is also the anniversary of her father's death. So needless to say it is a very tough week on her.

She has worked it out with her friend. They will remain friends. He says I am a very lucky man. I say he does not even know how lucky I am. I admit to some concern over their relationship. Some jealousy. But I will not let that deprive her of a best friends. It would not be fair to her if I did. But I stand on notice that there is at least one other man out there who wants her. Perhaps it is for the best that I realize this. It will keep me on my toes.

I knew they would work it out. If he loves her than he will not want to let her go. I know she does not want to let HIM go either. This last day has proven that. She was so depressed. Now she is not. She is her usual self.

I understand how she feels. I've lost every real world friend I had and so I know it hurts. A lot. It still hurts years later. I do not want that for her. I just wish she wasn't so close with him, that is all. But I will live with it. I live with a lot of things.

Coffee was very good this morning. Especially good that I did not have to fight with a headache in order to make it. That is always a good thing.

Work tomorrow. Daywork. I hate dayworks. Getting up at 3 AM is for the birds. It totally blows. I could not do it every day if I had to. But of course if I had a regular daywork job I could sleep in until 5 AM. That at least is a more human hour.

Well be good people. Stay strong and all that good stuff. Remember the magic found in smiles and hugs and laughter. It can change your life if you do.

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Comments (6)

  1. belladora

    Sounds like a great day. The weather is fitting. You have been doing so well. So happy for you. Take care, bottle the magic.

    April 11, 2017
    1. noahbody

      Thank you. I sure would like to bottle the magic.

      April 11, 2017
  2. SEC

    3AM is o’dark ungodly, my sympathy

    April 11, 2017
    1. noahbody

      LOL! Yes. Thanks

      April 11, 2017
      1. SEC

        it is also the reason for coffee, coffee and more coffee

        April 11, 2017
        1. noahbody

          Sure is…..

          April 11, 2017