April 20, 2017

I am up early this morning which is a good and bad thing. Good because I have to get up very early tomorrow morning for work and so I need to go to bed early tonight. Bad because it gives me more time to miss my wife.

So far it does not seem like a bad day. Depression and the beast are both there but light. No panic attacks and no headache. I slept well. No dreams or anything like that.

I joined Facebook to keep in touch with her but she has yet to accept my friend request. That's OK. It was a forlorn hope anyway. I don't even know how to navigate Facebook or what to do with it. Not even sure how to post anything there or what to post if I could figure it out. I'll probably delete the account once she comes home. She originally said that maybe she would be home sunday but it is raining down there for the next few days and so they cannot dothe driveway which means she will be donw there until at least next Tuesday if not longer. She has the heating people coming by for an estimate on Monday. I am proud of her. She is getting so much done. She painted the bathroom and the living room yesterday. Today I don't know what her plans are but I know it involves more painting. I am still worried about her being in the same state as the guy who professed to be in love with her but I trust her. I know she is still texting him though and that weighs on my mind and heart.

As I hinted I am daywork tomorrow. That is a good thing I guess. It will keep me busy and keep my mind off my wife being gone. But dayworks are always pure insanity. That's why I hate them. That and I have to get up so ding blasted early. 3 AM is too early for anyone to be up.

It is another gray day outside. Third one in a row and you all know how I feel about gray days. I think we are supposed to get rain showers today. Yippe. A day stuck in the house all alone. Perhaps I will go see my daughter today and maybe a friend tonight. It is the last real world friend I have. I did ride by my daughter's yesterday but she was not home so I went over my parent's. They invited me out to dinner at Applebee's which was nice.

I really am kind of at odds without my wife. She is my entire life. Her being gone is like losing half myself. I really hope she does not go to see that guy while she is down there. She says he is an hour and a half away and I want to say how do you know that? An hour and a half is nothing down there. It is right around the corner. She traveled that far to see her girlfriend when we were down there. What's to stop her from doing the same with this guy except her word? I trust her. I do. But I can't help these thoughts.

I need a drink. Just one that is all. A nice cold beer would go down so smoothly.

Well that is all folks. Be good and stay strong and always remember the magic found in smiles and hugs and laughter. It can change your life for the better.

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Comments (2)

  1. noahbody

    Thanks. I will try.

    April 20, 2017