April 22, 2017

It is a relatively good day. Depression is light but definitely there. The beast is quiet and I've had no panic attacks. I did have a headache when I got up, a monstrous one most likely due to the piss poor sleep I got last night. More dreams. Bad ones. Very bad.


Work is quiet. That Alky unit is screwed up. Acid quality is the issue and we are going to make moves today to see if we can turn it around. At least the Crude still is quiet. It's a rarity for us to only have issues on one unit at a time.


My wife remains in North Carolina. In all reality I don't expect her home before next weekend although I have hope she'll be home on Tuesday or Wednesday. She has been working hard down there painting all of the rooms. She sent me pictures of the bathroom last night. It was beautiful. I told her she is doing an excellent job. I am proud of her especially since she is not a painter by any stretch of the imagination. They were originally planning to take a break today and have a girls' day out but she decided not to go. Instead she will stay home and paint while her sister and cousin go out.


I'm still not sure what to make of Facebook. I am only just learning to navigate it. So far to me it seems to be a bunch of bullshit but I guess that all depends on who your friends are. After all their posts make up your stream. It is kind of scary how many people have seen me there and friended me already. Cousins, parents, nieces and nephews and my kids. I have to be careful what I post there unlike here. Thoughts is still my home. I can open up here.


It is another damp and gray day outside. This makes 4 days in a row. We have been seeing a little sunshine each day in the late afternoon but it's mostly been gray and cloudy with showers. Tomorrow will be more of the same. You all know how I feel about gray days.


There has been no one at my house except for me for days. My son came home last night. I am not sure if he is working today or not so I don't know if the house will be empty again when I get home. An empty home sucks. The walls actually echo with the silence.


Well that is all folks. Be good and stay strong. Always remember the magic found in smiles and hugs and laughter. It can change your life.

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